With something more...

Every morning at breakfast you will find a homemade cake and selected products from our land. We always give an extra attention to seasonality and quality, as in the table of my family.

I like to experiment and serve a breakfast that has a personal touch. Guessing the tastes of our guests, surprising them with that particular ingredient with a variety of both sweet and savory products. Breakfast is Italian style, served from 8.30 am to 10.00 am in the living room, or in our outdoor area when the weather allows.

B&B Le Farfalle - Lago di Garda, Salò, Brescia

Local products

To choose what to bring to the table for breakfast we let ourselves be inspired by our territory and its unique products:

Olive oil from Lake Garda

Local cheeses and yogurt

or a special jam...

B&B Le Farfalle - Lago di Garda, Salò, Brescia

Without gluten or lactose

The attention to food intolerances is an element always present in my kitchen, for personal needs and for choice. At breakfast, whatever the needs of our guests, they will be satisfied with the use of alternative ingredients and flours. Please inform us of your particular needs when booking.

B&B Le Farfalle - Lago di Garda, Salò, Brescia

Cakes, cookies and...

An ancient family recipe or a new combination inspired by time, from a typical ingredient of our Lake... Every morning you will find a freshly baked cake or fresh cookies.